My Marine Surveyor, Frank W. Campbell ,Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA My Marine Surveyor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Call: 954 627-4093
Frank W. Campbell
USCG Licensed Master
Principal Marine Surveyor
Over 20 years surveying and 35 years hands on marine experience.
Based in Florida, we provide World Wide Service.

About Us
My Marine Surveyor, Frank W. Campbell ,Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA We are a South Florida based company operating from the "Yachting Capital of the World", Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Each year, we host some of the world's largest and most expensive private yachts and commercial vessels in the world. We are a port for many of the vacation cruise ships and commercial trade ships from around the globe. It makes no difference if you're the owner a mega yacht or a small pleasure boat, you are our customer, and we take that job seriously. We work for you, exclusively.

Frank Campbell is a US Coast Guard Licensed Master Mariner. He grew up on boats from the age of 10 years. My Uncle, Alva Campbell, taught me how to operate and work on his boat, a 16ft run-about on Lake Murry, South Carolina. My father, Frank Sr., taught me to fly airplanes. He was good friends with Strom Thurmond, who happened to be running for the South Carolina Senate at the time(my God Father). Dad took me up for the first time in an old "Stearman" as he pulled a banner for Mr. Thurmond's first election. Ended up getting my Pilots License, however, boating just fascinated me.

So began a career in boats and yachting which spans over 30 years. At age 17, Frank joined the US Coast Guard and completed over 600 SAR(search and rescue) cases. Completing his tenure, it was only natural to get his Master Mariner License with the Coast Guard. That license took me all over the world, best thing I ever did, working on boats and yachts was my niche and I never looked back. So being a Marine Surveyor is the perfect place for me... helping others enjoy just being on the water.

We maintain the most competitive rates in the marine surveying and vessel delivery industry. It has taken many years to build a library of marine related professionals and study to depend upon, to get the right answers, not just the popular ones. Look around on our website, check out our Popular Links in the contents section. It contains a wealth of marine related information. Can't find what you're looking for? Simply give us a call, let us show you how, "My Marine Surveyor", can supersede your expectations.

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