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Marine Electrical Safety
I have often been asked if 12 volts can kill you. The answer is emphatically, YES. It can, it has, and it will. People have died from a 9volt charge. Simply add water and you have a perfect cocktail for a trip to the morgue.

The marine environment contains many hazards to life and limb. One of the worst is electricity. Not only your boat's battery, but the shore power cord,(110V-220V). Imagine you have been out on the boat all day, went swimming, had a great day with the wife and kids, now you are done, your docked and last thing you do is plug in a 110volt shore power cord. If that cord is chafed, not grounded properly, the GFIC (ground-fault circuit interrupter), is not working properly, well ...ZAPP ...BBQ Daddy!!

Your vessels electrical works should be checked at least once a year by a qualified and certified, marine electrician. If you're hands on kind of guy, check the entire electrical system, battery, and ALL electrical connections for corrosion, remove and replace them with the correct wire and marine connectors. Hire a qualified marine surveyor.

Remember, any mix of fuel, water, and electricity or any combination thereof and you have a perfect cocktail for disaster. I know you can put out a fuel fire with water; however, that is a completely different article. Not to mention, your on-board fire extinguishers. Soon to come...

Safe and happy boating.

Frank W Campbell,

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